Your wedding

In a dream place, in a beautiful scenery ...

Wedding abroad

Your wedding

Evening is slowly falling, the sun is setting. It is only you.
Tomorrow is the most important and most beautiful day in your life.
Your wedding day.

Plan your wedding abroad!


Wedding and honeymoon in the sunshine, on a sandy beach, by the turquoise sea. Story.

Wedding in Zanzibar
Your Wedding In Zanzibar
Sandbank Island, several dozen meters long stretch of sandy beach, which becomes visible at low tide. In such an unusual place, we can organize a beautiful wedding ceremony for you.

Affordable sunny Greek islands

Wedding in Greece
Your wedding in Greece
A civil, church (Roman Catholic or Orthodox) or symbolic wedding. On the beach, on a cliff, in an olive grove, in a garden, church, terrace ...

We guarantee perfect, sunny weather. You choose!

Wedding abroad
- join us, we will organize your wedding!

Are you dreaming of a beautiful wedding ceremony in an unusual place, but you don't know how to organize a wedding abroad? Our great adventure with organizing weddings abroad and romantic honeymoons began ... with ourselves - that is, with the organization of our own unique wedding and honeymoon! For over 14 years we have been dealing with comprehensive planning and implementation of wedding ceremonies outside Poland. That is why a wedding, the organization of which is in our hands, is a perfectly organized event that will be remembered for a lifetime. We arrange church ceremonies (in various religions), civil, humanistic and symbolic ceremonies, along with accompanying events in over 20 countries, including





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What kind of wedding are you looking for?

We organize weddings abroad: civil, church, concordat and symbolic. You can get married in different places: on the beach, cliff, garden, church….

church wedding abroad

Church wedding abroad

civil marriage abroad

Civil marriage abroad

concordat wedding

Concordat wedding abroad

symbolic wedding

Symbolic wedding abroad

Young couples often ask ...

More and more Poles say the sacramental YES outside the country. How to prepare for it? Which direction to choose? What formalities need to be done and most importantly - How much does it cost? All Izabela Janachowska's questions are answered by Victoria Iwanowska, the owner of Victoria Travel.



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