Wedding in Mauritius - Joanna and Radosław

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Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Radosław went abroad with their child to solemnly enter into their marriage - it was a dream wedding in Mauritius, both civil and church weddings. After returning, Joanna sent us a report from this trip and some beautiful photos:

"Hello Mrs. Martha,

Mauritius is a beautiful island with beautiful waterfalls, views and plants. Although at first glance it looks a bit poor - the all-around sugar cane, you have to go on a trip into the interior of the island to see the most beautiful places.

On the day of our arrival, the weather was not very interesting and to be honest it disappointed us a bit. Fortunately, the very next day it turned out that despite the winter the temperature is suitable for sunbathing and swimming in the pool as well as in the ocean. The beach in the hotel was beautiful, the water was azure and the sand was nice.

The hotel captivated us with the quality of service. I have to admit that it was at the highest level, and the waiters, bartenders, reception, etc. presented a really high level. There was no problem to communicate in English or French. Each of the hotel staff worked very hard to keep the customers happy.

On the second day of our stay, we met the organizer of our wedding to discuss the details of this great day for us. Everything was already planned in advance and in our opinion, well-arranged logistically. The day before the wedding, I had a trial make-up and a trial hairstyle. The hairdresser and make-up artist did a great job. I was very pleased with the results of their work.

After breakfast, around noon, I went to the salon to do my hair and make-up, while my fiance went to the spa for a full body scrub - I must admit that I envied him a bit 😉 After returning, we returned to separate rooms so as not to see each other before the ceremony.

The wedding took place at four o'clock on the beach near the restaurant, which was undoubtedly our favorite. Immediately after the ceremony, we went to the terrace, toast with champagne and cut the cake. A small snack was also brought - canapies and samosas. We were accompanied by our son Filip and Mrs. Dorota - a resident and translator. In about half an hour, the photographer invited us to shoot. Of course, he accompanied us from the very beginning, taking photos during the ceremony and during the toast and cutting the cake. The session was amazing ... The effects are shown below. The photographer is really professed. After the session we had a short break to "catch up" a bit, so to speak. We changed our son and on the way to dinner (19:30 pm) we dropped him off at the kids club, which was open every morning until 21:30 pm. A decorated table was waiting for us in the Navigator restaurant. After dinner there was a bathtub with bubbles and rose petals and chilled champagne waiting for us. In the morning we were brought breakfast to our room, which we ate on the terrace.

Although only the three of us went to this wedding, we did not regret our decision. It was a beautiful day that will surely remain in our memory for the rest of our lives. We wouldn't trade it for any other 🙂

On the day before the wedding, we went to Port Louis and another small town, the name of which, unfortunately, I do not remember 😉 to arrange the necessary formalities. Everything went smoothly thanks to Mrs. Dorota who assisted and helped us. She also called the parish priest and made an appointment for the next day. We went, arranged all the details and the wedding took place the day after the civil wedding. Everything went smoothly, without any problems.

After the weddings, we had time to laze around. So we used the sun on the beach. We also went on a catamaran cruise to a nearby island and a trip into the interior of the island. The most successful holiday. Temperature within 24 degrees in the shade. In the sun it was really hot on the beach.

Regards, Joanna

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