Aga i Paweł - Wedding in Thailand

Aga i Paweł - Wedding in Thailand
Mrs. Agnieszka and Mr. Paweł, through our travel agency, went on a long journey to Thailand, the most important and exciting journey of their lives, to officially get married there - it was a civil wedding in Thailand. Here is their short report from that wonderful trip:

Welcome, We would like to share our impressions with our trip to Thailand. Thank you very much for the extremely professional organization of our wedding. Everything was buttoned up and was perfectly planned from the very beginning, that is the location, hotel, service and of course the wedding ceremony itself. Everything was beautifully organized and most importantly everything was completely stress free. We saw Ms Iwona in Bangkok at the embassy and on the day of the ceremony. The dinner was very tasty, the photographer also did a great job - Sam brought the plates with his photos to our hotel in Phuket. The room had beautiful flower decorations on the first day and even more beautiful on the wedding day. We are both very pleased with our stay in this amazing country which is Thailand. Thank you once again for everything. We will never forget what you did for us and how wonderfully you organized our wedding. Aga and Paweł

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