Getting married is too important to ignore your doubts. We are happy to explain everything and provide you with reliable information. We also encourage you to ask your own questions. Each couple is different, and for each couple slightly different aspects are important. Our goal is to organize a wedding abroad, which will make your dreams come true, we encourage you to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Can wedding guests come with us, e.g. for 3 days?

In most directions it is possible, but often trips for 7 nights on charter flights are cheaper than for 3 days, on scheduled flights, we encourage you to compare. Sometimes our couples choose to stay for 2 weeks and their guests only accompany them for the first week.

Will the price change if we take our witnesses and guests with us?

The price may only increase for extras such as transfer to the wedding venue, cake, glass of wine or snacks. Only the Bride and Groom pays the wedding package itself.

Can you translate our documents (and then wedding certificates) into any language, e.g. English, Spanish, Indonesian? Is it already included in the price? If not, how much does it cost?

We work with professional sworn translators who translate into all languages ​​of the world. In some packages, such a translation is already included in the price, it is clearly described in the components of the wedding packages. If such a translation is not included in the price of the package, on request, we calculate the price depending on the language and the deadline for the translation.

When, the latest, can I entrust you with the translation of documents and formalities related to the Apostille?

We need 2 weeks to do it calmly, in exceptional cases it is possible faster, for an additional fee

This is my second wedding. Regardless of where I am getting married, do I have to provide a copy of the divorce decree?

In some countries, a copy of the divorce decree is not required. We send you a specific list of required documents for each course. In some countries, for example, only a birth certificate is sufficient.

What documents do I need to prepare before going abroad? Do I need a document confirming that there are no contraindications for getting married abroad?

We send you a specific list of required documents for each course. In some countries, for example, only a birth certificate is sufficient.

Can I get married in a different hotel / beach than you propose?

Please send a specific inquiry, we will be happy to check this possibility in your country.

Where is a wedding ceremony held abroad?

In most countries, we have several places to choose from - on the beach, in the garden, in the castle, in the church….

Do we have a tutor at the wedding?

Yes, of course, there is a local wedding coordinator to make sure your day is stress-free and special.

We are scared by the formalities, do we have to present a lot of documents to organize a wedding abroad?

Relax, we will be with you 😃 Different documents are required in different countries, in some you only need a Birth Certificate, with the offer we send a list of required documents

Will our wedding taken abroad be valid in Poland?

Yes, we help our couples with all formalities, we "lead them by the hand" both before departure, as well as during the wedding and after their return. We legalize documents to make them valid in Poland.

Do you arrange oath renewals?

Yes, we also organize oath renewals, jubilees and anniversaries.

What data do you need to prepare an offer?

To prepare an offer including a tourist package (flight, accommodation, meals) and a Wedding Package tailored to your expectations, please provide the following information:

  • number of people (are the bride and groom going alone, with children - the age of the children, with witnesses, guests, etc.)
  • Are you planning a civil, church, concordat or symbolic wedding?
  • the wedding venue that you are considering
  • place of departure
  • the planned date of the wedding and the preferred number of nights on the spot

Of course, the more you write about your expectations, the better. Therefore, we encourage you to write about, for example, what you want to fit in your budget, whether you would like a Polish priest, about the features of your dream hotel, about the preferred form of food.

Polish wedding service abroad: is it possible?

Polish wedding service abroad is an important element for many clients. Contact with our office is in Polish, unless you have other needs. Whenever possible, we try to arrange an interpreter for you. In addition, some of our offers include, among others:

  • Polish-speaking wedding coordinator,
  • Polish priest,
  • An oath taken in Polish itd.
Is a church wedding possible on the beach?

A civil or symbolic wedding may take place on the beach, in the garden or any other place chosen by the bride and groom. A church wedding can only be celebrated in a church (a few years ago the Pope changed the regulations and worldwide a church wedding can only be performed in a church). Therefore, couples deciding to marry in a church usually get a beautiful outdoor civil marriage first, followed by a church wedding in the church.

What rite do you organize your weddings in?

Most often we organize civil and church weddings in the Roman Catholic rite. We also organize symbolic weddings. We can organize Orthodox and Protestant weddings on special request. We are also open to other possibilities: we are willing to undertake something new.

What documents are necessary to get married?

The list of documents required to conclude a wedding depends on the regulations of a given country and the selected type of wedding. Based on this information, we will send you a complete list by e-mail. When documents require sworn translations, we can also deal with this matter on your behalf.

Do you provide comprehensive service?

We always provide comprehensive and full service. You can of course choose which components of our offer you want to use. Our office is a licensed tourist organizer, has all the appropriate authorizations, certificates and business insurance. We have a trusted network of contractors and business partners, such as professional wedding coordinators, high-quality hotels, sworn translators, photographers who will do their job perfectly to make your wedding perfect.

How quickly can you organize our wedding?

We encourage you to book well in advance, then we have more options to choose from. How quickly we can arrange a wedding abroad depends mainly on the location. There are directions where documents are required more than two months in advance, there are also places where we can organize your wedding in just one month, and in exceptional cases even within 2 weeks.

Can we take children, witnesses and parents to a wedding?

Of course: it is always possible to bring additional guests, witnesses, parents. At the stage of preparing the offer for you, we ask about your expectations and prepare an appropriate offer that also includes the stay of guests. If you are traveling in a larger group, we can also organize joint activities, such as optional excursions. In some places, we can also organize a modest wedding or gala dinner for the bride and groom and their loved ones.

Will you arrange a photographer etc?

You can order a wedding package with selected wedding services. They may include, for example: decorations, flowers, bouquets, make-up artists, photographer, live music, cake, fireworks, dance shows, flower wreaths, sworn translation of the necessary documents, Polish priest, Polish or English wedding coordinator, masseurs, witnesses ( if you are going only two), elephant as a participant of the wedding session, optional trips. We will be happy to answer any specific questions by e-mail.

Is a church wedding possible abroad?

Of course. Church wedding abroad is possible in selected destinations, such as Madeira, Cyprus, Croatia, Mauritius, Bali, Dominican Republic, Tenerife, etc. The list of destinations in which it is possible to organize a church wedding can be found at this link: church wedding abroad. In some places like Mauritius or Cypr, Your ceremony can even be conducted by a Polish priest.

How much does a wedding abroad cost?
  • A wedding abroad is cheaper than a lavish wedding in Poland.
  • We have carried out the cheapest weddings abroad in Greece from PLN 6.000.
  • A wedding in an exotic location will cost from PLN 15.000.

The price of a wedding abroad depends on many ingredients and we always prepare the offer in accordance with the expectations and possibilities of the young couples. The price is mainly influenced by:

  • direction and ticket prices air - the further from Poland, the more expensive - but not always. Sometimes the higher price of the air ticket is compensated by the lower prices of services on site
  • date and length of stay - in the high season, the offers will of course be the most expensive; a 14-day stay will be more expensive than a 7-day stay
  • standard of the hotel and food - interestingly, the All Inclusive offers often turn out to be cheaper than those when Young people decide to use only external restaurants
  • number of guests - some Young Couples go only as two, others take their family and friends with them
  • additional services chosen by the Young, e.g. spa packages, trips, cruises, hairdresser, photographer etc.

To estimate the price of your dream wedding, we will need some information. Write to us or call us, and we will prepare a proposal tailored to your capabilities.

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