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Victoria and Adam - This is where it all began

Victoria and Adam - that's where it all started ...

A long, long time ago (i.e. in 2006) we met and it sparked right away. The proposal took six months and we started planning our wonderful wedding and romantic honeymoon. Victoria dreamed of a beautiful wedding in a church, a flight in a wedding dress, an activity session in a full gala on the beach in the Maldives and a walk for the Bride and Groom in Paris. A lot of it at once, right? Impossible? Sure you can! It turned out that there is no office in Poland capable of such [...]
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Wedding in Sri Lanka - Malwina and Jakub

First, Mrs. Malwina and Mr. Jakub Kamil wanted to do a wedding and a wedding reception for a family in Cyprus, and when we had practically everything ready, there was a sudden change of plans - they decided to go on a honeymoon trip and get married in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, after returning, they found some time to send the report: “I'm sorry that we were a bit reluctant to send you our photos. There was too much going on around us, there was no time for anything. What [...]
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Wedding in Mauritius - Hanna and Piotr

Mrs. Hanna and Mr. Piotr were inclined to get married in a beautiful, exotic place from the very beginning. From several proposals they chose a wedding in Mauritius, below is their report, which we received after their return: “November 30, 2011r. For many people it was another magical St. Andrew's night and for us it was a very important day - our wedding day. Just like everything in our life, our marriage differed from the adopted [...]

Wedding in Mauritius - Aleksandra and Narzulla

wedding in Mauritius Aleksandra and Narzulla chose Mauritius as the place of their marriage. That wedding in Mauritius was the most wonderful event in their lives. During the ceremony, they were accompanied by their immediate family. And about how they related this extraordinary journey of their lives: “I am so glad that we decided to choose you to help us organize our trip and wedding. Thank you for your professionalism in getting it all sorted out in such a short time. As for the stay on the island itself, [...]
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Wedding in Mauritius - Ewelina and Yan

For this beautiful bride and groom, we have organized a wedding in Mauritius and a grand wedding reception on a beautiful sandy beach for their entire family. Below is an account of the trip, which I read with genuine emotion, and their photos prove that it was a real fairy-tale wedding: “On our part, we wanted to thank you beautifully for the organization of our wedding and party. Everything was absolutely perfect, and the memories will stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives - [...]
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Wedding in Bali - a report from the unique ceremony of Beata and Marcin

“I Marta take you Marcin to be my beloved husband, I promise to love and to cherish to honor and respect, to share with and comfort you, in need and in plenty, for as long as we both shall live….” We traveled 12000 km from our hometowns, families and friends in order to say to ourselves the sacramental "YES" in completely unusual circumstances. This special day was to be [...]
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Wedding in Mauritius - Joanna and Radosław

Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Radosław went abroad with their child to solemnly enter into their marriage - it was a dream wedding in Mauritius, both civil and church weddings. After returning, Joanna sent us a report from this trip and some beautiful photos: “Hello Mrs. Marto, Mauritius is a beautiful island with beautiful waterfalls, views and plants. Although at first glance it looks a bit poor - all the surrounding [...]

Wedding in Seychelles- Sławomir and Liliana

Mr. Sławomir went with his beloved fiancée Liliana on a long journey abroad to get married there - it was their wonderful wedding in the Seychelles. Hello, we returned safely to Poland on Monday morning. Thank you very much for a well-organized trip! Everything was perfect. From the beginning, as soon as we landed, the people who work with you took care of us, put us in a taxi, then on the ferry and so on to the hotel. Return the same [...]

Wedding in Bali- Katarzyna and Bogdan

“Mrs. Victoria, We are only at the beginning of our journey together in life, but because her first most difficult step, the wedding, is behind us, we want to quickly share with you our impressions from the ceremony itself. It was just PERFECT. We are especially in love with Mr. Ketuta, who is like a good spirit to us from the very beginning. He helps us in everything, tells about the history of the island, its inhabitants, monuments, flora [...]
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Wedding in Sri Lanka - Anna and Mariusz

It was an exceptionally well-organized wedding on a remote island - Sri Lanka. The heroes of our extraordinary story, i.e. Mrs. Anna and Mr. Mariusz, had very specific, impossible to change dates of their holidays, and therefore our travel agency had to act very quickly to arrange all the formalities for them and organize everything on time. The Young Couple sent all the documents we needed particularly efficiently and thus [...]
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Wedding in Sri Lanka and honeymoon in the Maldives

Catherine's dream has always been a wedding in Sri Lanka, then a picturesque honeymoon with sightseeing in Sri Lanka, and then the stay in the Maldives. After returning, she sent us a short report on the course of her trip and some beautiful photos: "Hello Mrs. Victoria and Karolina, I would like to thank you very much for organizing this wonderful trip for us so professionally, everything went smoothly - it was very nice, the hotels, their revelation, […]