Anna and Tymo's wedding in Mauritius

Anna and Tymo's wedding in Mauritius

It was great 🙂 Our coordinator - Jennifer, a master in her trade 😉 She arranged everything for us better than we could have imagined - and all the time with a smile on her face 😉 A contagious smile. There was no phrase "impossible" in her vocabulary. Blue flowers, blue-and-white cake - if only details, but all this meant that the end result exceeded our wildest expectations. Really, Jennifer was perhaps the strongest point of this trip.

The translator is also very nice and understanding. She efficiently took us through all official formalities.

The photographer did his job. The photos are great. Delivered to the hotel 3 days after the wedding. Express pace and high quality.

Backlight Studio - massacre. The film we got is a sensation 😉 Everyone is delighted when they watch it. You cannot watch it only once. The gentlemen perfectly showed the emotions that accompanied us that day in this 4-minute film. The drone shots are amazing, they make an electrifying impression on everyone who sees them. In addition, samczku is added by the fact that we managed to implement our plan and keep everything secret, even our departure to the island. Everyone learns about our venture from this film.

In short - a revelation 😉 Thank you very much for your help 😉

P. S.

Best regards and thank you again for helping us make our dreams come true 😉
"Like in a fairy tale" - these are the words most often spoken by our friends 😉

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