A civil wedding on the lake of the Melisania Cave



A wedding on the lake of the Melissania cave is the only and unique occasion for an extraordinary ceremony. In this remarkable grotto, the ceiling has collapsed long ago, allowing the sun's rays to fall into one part of it. The bride and groom and the wedding guests board boats led by local rowers, and the entire ceremony takes place in the light of blue, turquoise and aquamarine, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. The sounds of guitar and mandolin can add charm to the ceremony. The gem is the photo session of the bride and groom, who can, exceptionally, also go down to the island of the cave (the audience is not allowed).

Why we recommend our wedding in Kefalonia:

  • The island offers a very varied landscape - mountains, forests, caves, beaches
  • Short flight by plane
  • Idyllic, truly Greek climate of the island, unspoiled corners

 Basic Package:

  • translation of 4 documents from Polish into Greek (2x Birth certificates, 2x Certificate)
  • translation of the newly issued Marriage Act from Greek into Polish
  • all wedding consultations, venue of the ceremony, booking of the wedding venue and clerk (may be subject to a surcharge for remote locations)
  • returning documents to the office and completing the forms needed for the wedding
  • all administrative fees and their settlement
  • assistance of our wedding consultant, meeting upon arrival, translation of the ceremony
  • arranging the issue of the Marriage Certificate
  • settlement of 2 witnesses, if the couple does not have their own
  • arranging music for the ceremony (songs are selected by the couple and sent to the agency in mp3 format)
  • bouquet for the bride
  • photographer - 1,5 to 2 hour session, effect min. 100 photos in electronic form
  • sparkling wine (1 bottle for max. 8 people, champagne bottle, glasses)
  • sending the couple the translated Marriage Act by registered mail


Description of the place:

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It is famous for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Myrtos. It is an island where, despite mass tourism, you can still encounter virgin corners and enjoy truly Greek everyday life.

Best date for a wedding:


Available types of wedding:

Civil marriage

Available wedding venues:

The boat yacht

Service in Polish:


Polish priest:


Extras included in the package:

Hotel standard:

4-5 * hotel or a less expensive luxury resort

Food standard

Breakfast only, Half board, All Inclusive

Length of stay:

7 days, 10+ days

Travel document:

ID card

The minimum number of months needed to organize a wedding:


Required documents

  • A scan of the ID or passport of the person intending to enter into marriage
  • Birth certificate - full version or short version in international version. Note: the shortened version in the Polish version will not be accepted. (valid for 180 days)
  • Certificate of legal capacity to get married abroad (valid 180 days)
  • Scan of evidence or passports of witnesses (if you have your own witnesses) or we can provide witnesses, please confirm this.
  • For divorced persons, additionally an abridged copy of the marriage certificate with a note on divorce, and a court judgment.
  • For widowed people - spouse's death certificate,
Wedding package price from:

for a couple

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of a travel package at the Victoria Travel office. The final price of the entire trip depends, among others, on on exchange rates, flight costs, selected hotel, additional options selected by the bride and groom, etc.

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