Civil wedding in Santorini on the observation deck



We offer you a civil wedding on the observation deck in the western part of the island of Santorini. The breathtaking cliffs overlooking the sea are a big attraction of this location. It is an ideal place to get married in an extraordinary scenery like from postcards. Santorini is a destination quite often chosen because of the picturesque landscapes for wedding sessions.

Why we recommend our wedding in Santorini

  • The most beautiful sunsets, romantic scenery
  • beautiful, Greek scenery reminiscent of holiday postcards
  • high quality for the price

Basic package:

  • wedding coordination in Polish
  • consultations on the preparation of documents necessary for the wedding so that the wedding in Greece is valid in Poland
  • checking documents with the relevant authorities
  • fees for sworn translation and authentication of 4 documents (additional documents for an additional fee)
  • fee for a sworn translation of the marriage certificate from Greek into Polish
  • all administrative fees on the Greek side
  • official fee for an outdoor wedding
  • the cost of the official's travel to the ceremony venue
  • hotel transfer - office (one way) for the bride and groom to collect the marriage certificate
  • travel insurance on the wedding day (NNW and KL) for the Bride and Groom
  • fee for renting a place - postcard, breathtaking terraces
  • translation of the ceremony into Polish
  • musical accompaniment during the ceremony (USB)
  • a toast for the Bride and Groom
  • photo session during the wedding ceremony and shortly after in the place of the ceremony with beautiful landscapes
  • bouquet for the bride (seasonal flowers - color to choose)
  • buttonhole for Mr. Santorini
  • a toast for the Bride and Groom after the ceremony


Description of the place:

Santorini is the most romantic and picturesque of the Greek Islands, where you can admire the wonderful sunsets. White houses with blue roofs harmonize with the blue of the sea.

Best date for a wedding:


Available types of wedding:

Civil marriage

Available wedding venues:

Taras widokowy

Service in Polish:


Polish priest:


Extras included in the package:

Hotel standard:

4-5 * hotel or a less expensive luxury resort

Food standard

Only breakfasts, half board

Length of stay:

7 days, 10+ days

Travel document:

ID card

The minimum number of months needed to organize a wedding:


Required documents

  • A scan of the ID or passport of the person intending to enter into marriage
  • Birth certificate - full version or short version in international version. Note the shortened version in the Polish version will not be accepted.
  • Certificate of legal capacity to get married abroad (valid 180 days)
  • Scan of evidence or passports of witnesses (if you have your own witnesses) or we can provide witnesses, please confirm this.
  • For divorced persons, additionally a marriage certificate with a note on divorce (valid for 180 days) and a court judgment.
Wedding package price from:

for a couple

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of a travel package at the Victoria Travel office. The final price of the entire trip depends, among others, on on exchange rates, flight costs, selected hotel, additional options selected by the bride and groom, etc.

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