Concordat wedding in Seychelles



Our clients willingly choose Seychelles because of the beauty of the surroundings, clean and unspoiled beaches and wonderful nature. Seychelles offers a high standard of service at moderate prices and interesting hotels. We offer atmospheric weddings on the beach or in the garden overlooking the sea.

  • A civil wedding may take place in a selected location, while a church wedding may only take place in a church.
  • Church weddings in the Seychelles are held outside the fasting period, public holidays, Sundays, not earlier than on the fourth day of stay.
  • A concordat wedding is legally sanctioned in few countries, so in most countries abroad, including the Seychelles, two separate weddings are taken.
  • Usually, first there is a civil wedding, which can take place, for example, on a beautiful beach or in a garden, and then the ceremony takes place in the church (it does not have to be on the same day, it usually takes place the next).

Why we recommend our wedding in Seychelles:

  • beautiful tropical beaches, postcard views
  • an opportunity for perfect relaxation
  • guaranteed weather all year round

Basic package:

Civil part

  • basic decoration of the ceremony site
  • a portion of the cake
  • a bottle of sparkling wine
  • wedding coordinator
  • wedding formalities on site
  • apostille on the marriage certificate

 Church part

  • organization of a church ceremony


Description of the place:

Seychelles attracts with its sandy beaches and lush vegetation, which can be seen, among others in Praslin National Park. The Seychelles are also a treat for divers, as this is where the largest coral atoll is located, and the clean, bright beaches are ideal for water sports and relaxing in the sun.

Best date for a wedding:


Available types of wedding:

Concordat wedding

Available wedding venues:

Church or Orthodox Church, Wedding on the beach

Service in Polish:


Polish priest:


Extras included in the package:

Hotel standard:

4-5 * hotel or a less expensive luxury resort

Food standard

Breakfast only, Half board, All Inclusive

Length of stay:

7 days, 10+ days

Travel document:


The minimum number of months needed to organize a wedding:


Required documents

Documents needed to get married

  • a scan of the page with a photo of the bride and groom's passports

Scans of the following documents in Polish and sworn translations into English:

  • a shortened or full copy of the birth certificate of the bride and groom (they can be issued as international documents, then they do not require translation)
  • certificates of legal capacity to get married abroad (valid only 90 days before the wedding date)
  • in the case of divorced persons, a copy of the marriage certificate with a note on divorce (they can be issued as international documents, then they do not require translation) and a court judgment,
  • in the case of widowers, a copy of the previous marriage certificate and a copy of the death certificate,
  • in the case of a previous change of name, a copy of the document confirming the change.
  • a set of church documents: baptism, confirmation, confirmation of completion of premarital studies and a license issued by the parish priest
Wedding package price from:

for a couple

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of a travel package at the Victoria Travel office. The final price of the entire trip depends, among others, on on exchange rates, flight costs, selected hotel, additional options selected by the bride and groom, etc.

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