Wedding in Bali- Katarzyna and Bogdan


"Mrs. Victoria,

We are only at the beginning of our journey together in life, but because the first and most difficult step, the wedding, is behind us, we want to quickly share with you our impressions from the ceremony itself. It was just PERFECT. We are especially in love with Mr. Ketuta, who is like a good spirit to us from the very beginning. She helps us in everything, tells about the history of the island, its inhabitants, monuments, flora and fauna, and constantly cares for us and for our safety and comfort - and it was the same throughout the wedding ceremony. Our coordinator - Hania turned out to be equally wonderful. We are even happy that she agreed to be our witness - she is a golden girl, full of commitment to what she does and extremely cordial, we immediately gave her all our hearts. Together with the Balinese coordinator, they created an absolutely wonderful ceremony for us, taking care of everything so that we could focus on our day and therefore it was really fantastic.

We would also like to thank your travel agency in such a professional manner for organizing this most important day in our life and making it unforgettable 🙂

Best Regards,

Katarzyna and Bogdan "

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