Marlena and Marcin's wedding in the Maldives

Marlena and Marcin's wedding in the Maldives

Wedding in the Maldives, which of the girls does not dream of such a celebration on the beach. The Victoria Travel travel agency from Warsaw turned out to be a great organizer of such an event. We decided on this trip a long time ago, although there were great fears because of the language barrier, but what is the world to be brave, and dreams need to be realized. Thanks to Marta we were successful. To get to our dream place, we traveled by three planes and finally a motor boat. There were no problems with transfers or finding a check-in gate at the airports. There was a hotel resident waiting for us on site, he was very helpful, kind and caring throughout our stay. Our wedding was scheduled for the next day after our arrival. On this very day, a girl was with us who took part in the preparation of us - she helped to get dressed, brought beautiful necklaces of flowers, and was involved in the wedding ceremony. I only lacked knowledge about the rituals accompanying this ceremony. It would be good to know what is the purpose of pouring water on the feet or firing incense. The wedding took place on the beach near the hotel and the venue was prepared and nicely decorated. None of our friends came, but there were a lot of guests, mainly holidaymakers from different countries, who greeted us from afar until the end of our stay. Despite the fact that we do not speak English, we felt at ease and there was no problem with getting along. Flowers, beautiful music, photographer and a special dinner - a surprise are additional attractions on this special day. The next days of stay are rest, swimming, diving and exploring the island. Another day, another adventure. One of the great surprises is swimming with a great whale shark, then feeding sharks, rays or playing with giant bats. Victoria Travel has provided us with this unforgettable stay in the Maldives. Thanks to these efforts, we felt really special there.


The marriage was contracted and consumed after ten years of walking together. I already thought that I would become an old maid and that I would not wait, the Groom was so reluctant. After our return, we had a wedding in Poland in a cold office sitting on plastic stools.

Eh, and which wedding is more important to me? answer yourselves.

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