Wedding in Mauritius - Aleksandra and Narzulla


wedding in Mauritius

Aleksandra and Narzull have just chosen Mauritius at the place of marriage. That wedding in Mauritius was the most wonderful event in their lives. During the ceremony, they were accompanied by their immediate family. And about how they related this extraordinary journey of life:

“I am so glad that we decided to choose you to help us organize our trip wedding. Thank you for being fully professional in getting it all sorted out in such a short time.

As for the stay on the island itself, it was beautiful. We were greeted very warmly by the staff. The transfer to the hotel, where my parents were waiting for us, went smoothly and quickly. Everyone on site was very nice and helpful. We were given a lovely room on the first floor overlooking the ocean and beaches. I already miss my morning coffee on the balcony in such beautiful surroundings.

Hotel it is beautiful, you can see that it is not new, but they care for it as much as they care for greenery. We used the many attractions available on the premises of the hotel, including: water sports, beach, swimming pools, restaurants and a bar. The food was delicious, we tried something different every day. We met Mrs. Dorota the next day after our arrival. She is a lovable person. She told us about Mauritius and what our stay and formalities would look like, and she offered us a tour island. On the same day we met with Heike (wedding planner), with whom we planned our little one down to the last detail wedding celebration. Heike is adorable and knows how to make future newlyweds happy. The day before the wedding, we only went to two offices to arrange the formalities. The driver was with us all the time, and in his free time he told interesting facts about the island. The entire procedure from departure from the hotel to arrival took maybe 3 hours.

The wedding day was completely stress-free, everyone knew what to do to make this day perfect. Until noon, we were lying on the beach - we didn't feel that we were getting married in a few hours. Probably because we didn't have to worry about anything. We knew that everything would be buttoned up to the last button. And it really was. My hairstyle and makeup were exactly what I wanted. The photographer did a perfect job.

Ceremony it was beautiful as was the music and all the scenery. Everything took place at ease, with smiles and jokes. Even other holidaymakers took pictures of us, clapped and congratulated us. I am glad that my parents were there with us and that they could be our witnesses. After the ceremony, there was a photo session and then a dinner on the beach. Everything was perfect there too. The next day we had a lovely breakfast on the terrace. We couldn't have dreamed of a better start marriages.

And then it got real rest. We had beautiful weather all week. It was around 26 degrees so we used it as much as we could. We were sad to leave as the whole week was wonderful. We made a promise to come back for our first anniversary. "

Thank you and best regards

Alexander and Narzull

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