Wedding in Mauritius - Hanna and Piotr

wedding in Mauritius 4

Mrs. Hanna and Mr. Piotr were inclined to get married in a beautiful exotic place from the very beginning. They chose from several proposals wedding in Mauritius, below is their account we received after their return:

"November 30, 2011. For many people it was another magical St. Andrew's night and for us it was a very important day - our wedding day. As with everything in our life, our marriage was deviating from the accepted standards. We changed USC to the beautiful Sugar Beach Hotel located on the island of Mauritius, the entourage of guests was replaced by crabs marching proudly on the beach and Mendelson's march was performed by exotic birds to the accompaniment of the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing on the reef. It created a unique atmosphere. The turquoise lagoon surrounding the island, fantastic sandy beaches, breathtaking views, very hospitable residents, hotel service that is considered the best in the world, and by the side of the "other half of the apple" ... Hmmm ... How fantastic it is to be in paradise for a while ... Every St. Andrew's night, celebrating another wedding anniversary, we will come back to this magical place with memories ... Thank you very much for all these unforgettable moments for us: D ”Hanna and Piotr

Below are some photos from the wedding:

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