Wedding in Seychelles- Sławomir and Liliana


Mr. Sławomir went with his beloved fiancée Liliana on a long journey abroad to get married there - it was their wonderful wedding in Seychelles.

Hello, we returned safely to Poland on Monday morning. Thank you very much for a well-organized trip! Everything was perfect. From the beginning, as soon as we landed, the people who work with you took care of us, put us in a taxi, then on the ferry and so on to the hotel. The return was also without any problem. Great hotel! I didn't expect to get a room of this class. It was written standard, and in hotels *** I saw different standards The room was huge with a terrace on the ocean and a huge bathroom. The location of this hotel is sensational, we have visited the island well and there is no other hotel so ideally located near the ocean and among wonderful vegetation. The hotel staff was very kind and helpful. We also liked the civil wedding very much on the beach in front of the hotel, there was nobody except us and the organizers. The sky was only unlucky for the photo session, but you can't blame anyone for that;) fortunately, it only started pouring an hour after the session. The church wedding was also successful. The priest was very happy, he made us a quick wedding, wished us luck and that was all. It's hard to describe it all. I hope that we will still be able to go with your office on some exotic trip. We will also recommend your company to all our friends!

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