Wedding in Sri Lanka - Anna and Mariusz

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It was an exceptionally well-organized wedding on a remote island - Sri Lanka. The heroes of our extraordinary story, i.e. Mrs. Anna and Mr. Mariusz, had very specific, impossible to change dates of their holidays, and therefore our travel agency had to act very quickly to arrange all the formalities for them and organize everything on time. The young couple sent all the documents we needed particularly efficiently and thanks to this, in just a month they managed to fly from Poland to Sri Lanka to get married there. Below is a short account of the trip of this lovely couple and some beautiful photos from the touching wedding ceremony sent to us:

“Hello Mrs. Victoria, thank you very much again for a wonderful stay and wedding in Sri Lanka. Everything was exactly as you wrote to us. Beautiful elegant hotel, friendly people living on the island, delicious food and of course our fantastic wedding. And as I said on the phone, the weather in that part of the world during our trip was also great. Please find attached some of the most beautiful photos taken by us with our camera. Once again, thank you for everything, and above all for the patience and professionalism shown to us. Best regards, Mrs. Anna and Mariusz "

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