Wedding in Sri Lanka and honeymoon in the Maldives

wedding in Sri Lanka 4

Katarzyna's dream has always been wedding in Sri Lanka, then a picturesque honeymoon with sightseeing in Sri Lanka, and then the stay in the Maldives. After returning, she sent us a short report on the course of her trip and some beautiful photos:

"Hello Mrs. Victoria and Karolina, I would like to thank you for organizing this wonderful trip so professionally, everything went smoothly - it was very nice, the hotels, their revelation, also those on the tour, finally we are already a very happy marriage, and the wedding in this extraordinary luxury hotel was a real fairy tale - the hotel creates an amazing atmosphere with its location and landscapes, which makes it very atmospheric, wild and romantic - the place for the ceremony is perfect, devoid of the presence of unbearable tourists and located in a romantic setting - coordinator Mr. Kumara in all his duties, he performs a gold medal, is highly praised by guests and staff, and everything that he provides is at the highest world level. So again, BIG THANKS FOR THIS WONDERFUL JOURNEY OF OUR LIFE 🙂

PS. I am attaching you some nice photos of ours. Regards, Katarzyna "

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