Wedding in Sri Lanka - Malwina and Jakub

Sri Lanka Wedding 16

First, Mrs. Malwina and Mr. Jakub Kamil wanted to do a wedding and a wedding reception for a family in Cyprus, and when we had practically everything ready, there was a sudden change of plans - they decided to go on a honeymoon trip and get married in Sri Lanka.

Fortunately, after returning, they found some time to send the report:

“I am sorry that we were a bit reluctant to send you our photos. There was too much going on around us, there was no time for anything.

As for the stay in Sri Lanka it was fantastic, not to mention a fabulous wedding. At the airport, we were greeted with wreaths of flowers by a representative of a travel agency. We went to the hotel, which turned out to be a bull's eye, met all our expectations, and even exceeded them. We fell in love with the food there, these spices, their compositions, new flavors ... yum !!!

Our wedding coordinator Anojika turned out to be a nice and helpful person. We had the choice of a garden wedding or a beach wedding. We decided to go to the garden to be able to hide in the shade of palm trees. The dancers and dancers accompanied us to the altar, which was full of flowers, singing a traditional wedding song. The whole ceremony was beautiful. Most of its elements can be seen in the attached photographs, i.e. tying little fingers and pouring water on them, giving each other leaves, burning an oil lamp, cutting a coconut in half when going down the altar. After the ceremony, we were able to move on to the formal part of the wedding, taking the oath and legalizing our marriage with the Civil Registry Office clerk. And you could go on to celebrating. Of course, it was not without a cake and champagne. We were also feeding on the various local delicacies they brought us while we sat on the couch admiring the dance show prepared for us.

And then our "wedding vehicle", that is the long-awaited elephant, appeared. Before getting on it, we had to pacify him by feeding him fruit. Once we had "tame" it, we went to the beach on it, where we had a photo session. Everything turned out fantastic. After the wedding, we had a boat trip on the river. Upon our return, we ate dinner prepared just for us. For the wedding night we got a special suite for newlyweds (sweet room). However, there was not much time to use it, because at dawn we were going on a two-day safari, which we bought ourselves from a travel agency representative. At our wedding, which took place after our return (April 21) in Karpacz, we played a movie from our wedding, where you could see the entire ceremony. Family and friends were delighted.
To sum up, we are fascinated by Sri Lanka and we will always remember this trip with a tear in our eyes. "

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