Wedding in Portugal

The Algarve coast is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Europe. The picturesque coast of the Atlantic Ocean conceals amazing beaches, grottos, cliffs and romantic, historic towns. It is the perfect place for a wedding and holiday getaway all rolled into one.

Which contains
our wedding package?

We organize civil weddings in Portugal. Such a celebration can take place on the beach, on a cliff, or anywhere else close to nature.
complete organization of the wedding ceremony and legalization of marriage in Poland
booking of hotels, flights, insurance and additional program components
professional help at every stage of your event
the possibility of taking the oath in Polish
security of the event, bank guarantee of the tour operator and full legality of organizing the trip
Polish-speaking wedding coordinator in Portugal

Why we recommend our wedding in Portugal:

  • beautiful, sandy, varied beaches by the ocean
  • beige cliffs, interesting rock formations
  • delicious Portuguese cuisine rich in seafood

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of the travel package at the Victoria Travel office.

We always try to meet all the expectations of the bride and groom, so we set the scope and final price of the package individually.

Wedding package price from:

for a couple

Price includes:
  • individual care of the Polish-speaking wedding coordinator
  • care and translation of the marriage vows on the day of the wedding and presence during the issuance of the Portuguese Marriage Certificate
  • agreeing the place and date of the wedding, booking the date of the wedding
  • official translations of all required documents
  • witnesses (if needed)
  • sending the translated marriage certificate by registered mail to Poland
  • all administrative fees for a wedding in Portugal to be valid in Poland, the reservation and the fee of the official giving the wedding
  • submission of documents to the Portuguese Registry Office, issuance of a wedding permit
Package price from

for a couple

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of the tourist package. The final price of the entire trip depends, among others, on on exchange rates, flight costs, selected hotel, additional options selected by the bride and groom, etc.

When is the best time to go to Portugal?
The tourist season in Portugal lasts almost all year round, but the warmest months to go are between May and October. If we want to avoid hot weather, it's best not to go during the holiday season. The ideal months for a wedding are May, June and September.
What can you do in your spare time?
The Algarve coast offers over a hundred sandy, wide beaches for relaxation (about 50 of them have been awarded the Blue Flag). In addition, there are numerous grottos, cliffs, and interesting rock formations. It is a perfect place for sailing, water sports such as windsurfing, and also dozens of valued golf courses.
What hotels do you offer?
We offer a stay in carefully selected hotels, at different prices and standards - tailored to the possibilities of the Bride and Groom, from 3 to 5 stars. Various dining options are possible during your stay.

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