Wedding in Bali - a report from the unique ceremony of Beata and Marcin

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“I Marta take you Marcin to be my beloved husband, I promise to love and to cherish to honor and respect, to share with and comfort you, in need and in plenty, for as long as we both shall live….”

We traveled 12000 km from our hometowns, families and friends in order to say to ourselves the sacramental "YES" in completely unusual circumstances.

This special day was supposed to be exclusively for us.

We ruled out the option right away traditional Polish wedding with inviting lots of guests and the fun that lasts until dawn. This special day was supposed to be exclusively for us. While searching the Internet, we came across one of the offers of the Victoria Travel travel agency from Warsaw called "Wedding abroad". On the same day we contacted Mrs. Victoria Iwanowska. At first we had a problem with choosing our wedding venue, but soon we realized that our main criterion was the weather conditions. And this way, on July 29, 2013, we landed at the airport in Bali.

After leaving it, we experienced a real culture shock. We came across hundreds of scooters, the ubiquitous noise, crowds and the constant roar of horns. A thought started to sprout in our minds, might we not have mistaken the planes? Fortunately, the surprise effect was short-lived. We were welcomed at the hotel as newlyweds, although we were not yet married then. However, it was so nice that we skipped any further explanations. In the following days, we tasted Balinese cuisine, got to know the culture and "slacked". This state of affairs lasted until August 5.

The day of our wedding in Bali was exactly what we dreamed of it, i.e. the beach, the rustling ocean, the sun breaking through the clouds and just us. A woman residing in Bali has buttoned everything up. During the last two weeks of our vacation, we have reached every corner of Bali, tasted all kinds of Balinese dishes and generally enjoyed the sun.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. However, we have many happy memories left.

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