Wedding in Crete

Wedding on the largest of the Greek Islands. Unforgettable views, beautiful beaches, and the Mediterranean climate are the perfect solution for everyone.

Which contains
our wedding package?

In Crete, we organize civil weddings as well as symbolic weddings. The wedding can take place on one of the beautiful beaches, on the observation deck next to the chapel or in the historic registry office.
complete organization of the wedding ceremony and legalization of marriage in Poland
booking of hotels, flights, insurance and additional program components
professional help at every stage of your event
security of the event, bank guarantee of the tour operator and full legality of organizing the trip
the possibility of taking the oath in Polish
Polish-language service in Crete

Why we recommend our wedding in Crete:

  • short flight by plane
  • unforgettable views. Possibility of visiting, among others the historic capital of the Island - Hierapolis, the ancient Palace of Knosssos, famous for the legend of the Minotaur, and many other wonderful attractions.
  • an attractive trip with a Greek atmosphere

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of the travel package at the Victoria Travel office.

We always try to meet all the expectations of the bride and groom, so we set the scope and final price of the package individually.

Wedding package price from:

for a couple

Price includes:
  • wedding coordination in Polish
  • consultations on the preparation of documents necessary for the wedding so that the wedding in Greece is valid in Poland
  • checking documents with the relevant authorities
  • fees for sworn translation and authentication of 4 documents (additional documents for an additional fee)
  • fee for a sworn translation of the marriage certificate from Greek into Polish
  • all administrative fees on the Greek side
  • outdoor wedding fee
  • the cost of the celebrant's travel to the place of the ceremony
  • hotel-office transfer (one-way, up to 7 km) for the newlyweds to collect the marriage certificate
  • travel insurance on the wedding day (NNW and KL) for the Bride and Groom
  • fee for renting the ceremony venue
  • musical accompaniment during the ceremony (USB)
Package price from

for a couple

The price for the wedding package is valid with the booking of the tourist package. The final price of the entire trip depends, among others, on on exchange rates, flight costs, selected hotel, additional options selected by the bride and groom, etc.

When is the best time to go to Crete?
Crete is an island with a Mediterranean climate. Dates from April to June are recommended, but you can enjoy a bath even in October.
What can you do in your spare time?
In addition to relaxing on its beautiful beaches, Crete offers many historic places to see, as well as numerous water sports. ruins of the ancient cities of Aptera, Gortyna, Gournia, Lissos, Tylissos, Mpalos, Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Zakros, Lake Kournas, ruins of the ancient port of Falasarna, caves, grottos, hiking, Chania, gorges.
What hotels do you offer?
We offer a stay in carefully selected hotels, at different prices and standards - tailored to the possibilities of the Bride and Groom from 3 to 5 stars. During the stay, all forms of boarding are possible: breakfast, all inclusive, etc.

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