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Instead of weddings in Poland
Wedding Abroad?

June 18 2020 | News

Without a huge amount of guests? Just for two or with your loved ones? In a fairy-tale setting combined with a honeymoon?

Instead of Weddings in Poland, a Wedding Abroad?

Over the past three months, many Bride and Groom have struggled with the dilemma of what to do in the current situation with the planned wedding ceremony and reception, which were to take place this year. Some of them wanted to postpone the ceremony, fearing that, for example, grandma would not come and manage to organize it as they had dreamed of. It often turned out that later appointments were already taken. Some Young Couples canceled their wedding or decided to hold a modest celebration. Is it possible to have a fairy-tale wedding on a dream date without exposing your grandma and saving costs at the same time? Imagine getting married on one of the amazing beaches in Greece or Cyprus - the Island of Love, in Madeira - the Island of Eternal Spring or combined with a honeymoon in the paradise of Zanzibar ...

Lower cost

Organization of a wedding abroad will certainly be a cheaper solution than the organization of a fancy wedding for lots of guests. Often, during weddings, we want to provide our guests with many attractions that are not the cheapest and let's face it, sometimes the family insists on inviting someone "because it is appropriate". Getting married abroad gives us the opportunity to get married in the company we want, and at the same time remains an unforgettable experience and at the same time a honeymoon. So you can kill two birds with one stone and organize the long-awaited wedding and honeymoon in one budget.

Weather Guarantee

The tourist destinations where we organize weddings are places where the weather is more likely to be fine. Of course, as in life, sometimes it is sun, sometimes it is raining, but the risk of many hours of rainfall is much lower than in Poland. In addition, beautiful views and vitamin D boosts the feeling of happiness at this special time.


For every bride and groom, safety is important, both for themselves and for their loved ones, which is why a celebration in a smaller group is certainly a very good idea. We are aware that many of the Bride and Groom's relatives would like to see and hear how the marriage vow is made. In the era of modern technology, we organize an online broadcast of this important event on request, and family and friends can wish the newlyweds in large numbers 🙂


A wedding abroad is certainly a unique event and many people envy just such a ceremony. Or maybe you will inspire someone, just like our couples? The marriage vows taken at sunset, a wedding photo session on a beautiful sandy beach, or a celebration after the ceremony on board the yacht are just some of the many amazing possibilities.

What about Guests and Witnesses?

Some Bride and Groom decide to take their Wedding Guests abroad at their own expense. But we definitely encourage the bride and groom to offer their friends and family a joint vacation trip! In this way, guests pay for the trip on their own and everyone can have fun at a wedding abroad, and then relax during the holidays. If you choose to leave for the two of us, we will arrange for Wedding Witnesses on site.

Follow your dreams

It is not worth giving up your dreams, because their fulfillment is at your fingertips. A wedding abroad is a unique celebration with many benefits. The combination of getting married and relaxing is an offer you can't refuse. We will be happy to help you choose an offer that meets the expectations of each bride and groom. Each of the offers of the Victoria Travel travel agency is tailor-made and all the details of the trip and wedding are agreed individually to the wishes and dreams of the Bride and Groom. Let us not allow a pandemic to destroy all plans and desires!

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